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Once upon a time in a land not too far from here, there lived a teenage girl. She was a highschool junior and a pretty good student. She dated some, but not a lot - especially boys from school, for you see, both her parents taught in the same school that she attended.

In her Father's Geometry class there was a particular guy. He was a nice looking guy and a football jock, too. They would talk occasionally, but that was all.

One evening the phone rang. When she answered the phone and as she was changing phones to obtain some much needed privacy, her Father asked who that was on the phone. She replied that it was one of the guys from Geometry class...probably wanting to check on what the assignment was (for who was better to check assignments with than the teacher's daughter?).

To this young girl's surprise, this guy spent the next 10 minutes or so on the phone with her just talking. Not one word was said about class or any assignment! As the girl hung up the phone, she just sat for a few minutes and thought "mmmm, I wonder what that was all about? NObody from Daddy's class EVER calls me...." Later her Father asked about the call and she told him that it was the tall, blonde football player that sat next to the windows, and all he wanted to do was talk. A man of few words, her father did not say anything else.

Over the next few weeks, not much changed. She went to school, attended class, spoke the the guy sometimes, and he would occasionally call her on the phone. But not much else happened.

In December, this guy called the girl and asked her out to the Key Club Christmas Dance. The young girl could hardly believe it! Someone from school was actually asking her out on a DATE! She was really looking forward to it!

On the day of the Christmas Dance, she was soooo excited, but then it began to snow (RATS, it never snowed in Georgia! - especially in December!) But she crossed her fingers and hoped for the best. As she sat in her room with a neighborhood girlfriend rolling her hair in preparation for the evening...the phone rang. She looked at her friend and said, "Oh, no! This can't be happening!" When she answered the phone, sure enough it was the guy calling to say that the dance had been cancelled. He said he was really sorry, but there was nothing he could do because of the weather. She replied that she understood and that she was sorry, too. He then asked her if she wanted to go to the Key Club New Year's Dance. As much as she wanted to say, "YES!", she couldn't because her family was going to visit her sister who lived in Florida and she didn't think that they would be back in time for the dance. So they said "Goodbye" and hung up the phone. And as it turned out, she did not get back from the trip in time to have been able to go to the dance.

Well, as luck would have it the young man thought that the girl was giving him the brush-off by telling him that she would be out of town for the New Year's dance, so he did not call her back for a while. They saw each other in class and spoke to each other politely, until the first week or so of January. At that time, he asked her out to go see a movie and she accepted.

As first dates go, it was really nice, but she didn't remember much about the movie because she was so nervous and excited about finally going out with this guy. She thought he had a good time, too, but he didn't ask her out for the next weekend and she was really dissapointed!

She did, however, have a date with a someone that she worked with after school at the local drugstore, Mike (a nice person, but not someone that she was really interested in). As they were driving around the downtown square looking for a parking space she noticed the guy from Geometry class standing in line waiting to get into the movie. She couldn't really tell whom he was with, but he WAS standing very near another girl! By the time the car was parked and they got to the theater, the hunk from school was already inside. "Okay," she thought. "This is WAR!"

That weekend she got ahold of a date-book-diary and filled in everything that she had been doing for the last several months...particularily where she had been going out with someone else and noting the fact that she had a date the following weekend with "Mike." She then proceeded to put a lot of candy in the bottom of her purse and then put the "diary" in on top.

Monday morning as she went into Geometry class she said, "Hi, y'all. Anyone want any candy?" Of course half the class gathered around her desk including THE guy she was targeting, and she proceeded to start pulling out everything from her purse, beginning with the diary. "I know I have some candy in here somewhere!"


(Sure enough, HE got curious and picked up the diary and started flipping through it...)

And, the strategy worked! As they left class that day he asked her out for the next Saturday evening...Friday had been listed as taken! And of course she accepted! They dated each weekend for the next couple of weeks and really began to like each other a lot. He then asked her to go to the Valentine's dance at the school with him.

Well, everything was going really nicely until shortly after one Saturday evening that he asked her to go see a particular movie, and she told him since she had seen the previews she didn't think that it was a good movie for them to see (keep in mind that it was 1964 and this young girl had been quite sheltered by her family as the youngest of four children--the movie was a Doris Day/Rock Hudson flick "Move Over Darling" and the preview was a scene of them in bed together). At that time he was nice and agreed to go see another movie.

What happened the next weekend was that after she went out with him on Friday, she had another date with Mike on Saturday, and - Guess What? - the only movie in town that she hadn't seen was -- you guessed it! -- "Move Over Darling"! THEN on Monday just before Geometry class, guess who should walk up and ask "And what did you do this weekend?" - You guessed RIGHT again!

The girl answered brightly, "You know what I did on Friday and on Saturday (then she mumbled very quickly, hoping he did not know what was playing) I went to the Belmont (Theater)." Ke-rect! He knew exactly what movie was playing at the Belmont: he did not say a word, just turned around and went to his seat across the room by the windows and spent the rest of the period whispering to the boy sitting in front of him and glaring at her across the room.

At the end of Geometry he walked her to her next class as usual, but did not say a single word. At the end following period, which they also shared, one of his friends came over and told her that he was really angry because she had gone to see that particular movie with someone else after she had refused to see it with him.

THAT made the girl angry...because he was talking about the situation with his friend and was not talking to her at all. She stomped across the room and asked if she could please have a word with him. He hesitated, and then said, "Okay." The girl then begin to verbally let him have it: "MR____: I can understand that you are upset that I went to a movie with someone when I had I refused to go see that same movie with you the previous weekend. And by the way, it turned out that the movie wasn't so bad after all, although the previews were very deceptive to me. However, let me remind you of something: SIR, you have no right to say WHERE or with whom I go....We are not married, we are not engaged, and furthermore we are not even going steady!" She then turned around and walked quickly out of the room without giving him a chance to reply.

On the way to her next class the girl thought, "Boy, have I done it now. The Valentine's Dance is this weekend and I don't even know if I have a date any more!" These two didn't speak to each other for the rest of the week until Thursday when he asked her if she would still like to go to the dance with him on Friday night. She said yes (with profound relief!), she would like to go to the dance with him.

valentines '64cupidThat dance was one of the best nights she has ever had. They "danced all night" and talked like nothing had ever happened. Later that evening when he was taking her home, he stopped along the way and they sat and talked even longer. Then she discovered that he really must have taken what had been said earlier in the week seriously. Before the evening was over he asked her if she would "go steady" with him. And she accepted. That was February 14, 1964.

Five years later, to the day, they were married. And this February 14th is their 34th wedding anniversary. As I have heard it said in the past, he chased her until she caught him!!!

And that is the story of the Valentine Romance of - Guess


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